Unknown Tone Studio is the private recording and mastering Suite of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Mark & Lindsey Kuykendall.¬†Mark specializes in audio production; with a degree in Audio Engineering from Full Sail University in 2002, including but not limited to: Full album & EP multi-tracking, mixing, mastering, sound design, sound for film & commercials, ADR & foley, as well as other various audio & video transfer capabilities. Lindsey’s talent as a violinist often finds it’s way onto various tracks. She also books studio sessions as well as maintaining the Unknown Tone artist catalog. ___________________________________________________

NEW UPDATE (Fall 2016):

Unknown Tone is currently undergoing the design, manufacturing and construction of a new recording and mastering facility located in the heart of the Osage Indian Hills just outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The site will include guest quarters for clients to occupy during their stay with us. Sessions may be booked for as little as 1-3 days or up to 1-2 week periods (depending on the existent of the project). The site will feature treetop forest views of downtown Tulsa with the seclusion and quite of country living. Our guest will be able to enjoy the surrounding territory by having access to hike a 200 acre greenbelt. Camping will also be encourage for those who have yet to visit the Osage Hills. With downtown only minutes away, clients are easily able to access late night local city activities, visit museums, or enjoy the surrounding parks. We are very excited to begin this new chapter of our lives and seek to welcome more interesting people to the place we call home. More info soon…



Most of the studio’s work is done via the web, so email Unknown Tone at UnknownToneStudio [at]

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